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My mom handed me her point-and-shoot camera when I was 8. Since then I found myself around the camera. Trying to capture fleeting moments to preserve that memory.  And that’s how I take notes about this world. BECAUSE SOON WE WILL FORGET. We will not remember how young we looked 10 years ago. How nervous we were in our senior year. How special to be the one carrying the human being inside our belly. How tiny and miraculous a five-day-old little human can be...


You will get old, I will get old. The memories of these moments will fade over time, but photographs will bring you back.

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When I'm not shooting I am most likely laughing, making jokes, cooking Thai food, baking something I shouldn't be eating, biking with my son, listening to my daughter practicing her piano, binge-watching thriller series with my husband, or texting way too many emojis to my friends 😂🙈🤣😌 see what I mean!!! but that's enough about me I want to know about you.


Who are you?

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